Everything your business needs to go from paper to digital forms

Using the Formally no-code platform allows any company to manage a marketing and sales system from anywhere, at any time, without paper.

digital forms no code platform

22 years expertise with digital forms

With a Drag-and-Drop interface and our unique platform, you’ll easily convert outdated forms into a digital process. This releases IT teams from ongoing maintenance issues and makes employees across the organization far more efficient. Now they can deliver new digital products quickly while focusing on a digital customer service experience.

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Digital Forms

Our platform turns documents of any complexity into a digital PDF form. You can set business rules, required fields, logical conditioning, hide\show fields, etc. and combined it with a secure and valid digital signature.

Digital Signature

The Formally no-code handwritten digital signature feature allows you to sign anything, anywhere, on any device. Using this digital platform, you can manage paperless marketing tasks and complete any business process with maximum efficiency for your corporations.

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Our system turns a document of any kind into a digital workflow. It enables corporations and customers to complete complex processes using desktops or mobile phones.

Contracts & Agreements

Companies that use Formally technology can complete contracts and agreements online, close deals in minutes, achieve higher closing rates, improve sales rep efficiency and maintain up-to-date and professional visibility.

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Digital invoice

Formally allows quick transition from printed invoices into digital invoices that includes a round of approvals, automatic underwriting and sending of invoices to the company’s customers. The solution includes a rapid interface to enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, SAP and digital archive.

Price offer workflow

Simplify your work quotations through automation between management members until the customer signs. The documents are transmitted to the customer securely and directly through the Internet and are stored in an orderly manner in the organization’s information systems.

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Point of sale

If your customers need to fill out forms or paperwork to do business with you, Formally’s signature point of sale feature has a place in your business. The solution ensures a friendly process that assists customers during the signing and completion process

Digital signature server

Our digital signature server is a strong and reliable technological infrastructure unit for the digital signature on hundreds of millions of documents sent to company customers. It enables a much simpler collection procedure in relation to the individual signature for each document.

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Enterprise security

Our software is trusted by the largest financial, banking and insurance enterprises. We uphold a safe and secure environment for our customers and partners, conducting frequent information security surveys and maintaining top security.

Open API

There are many options for simple and fast integration. You can integrate our digital forms, digital signatures and workflows into your favorite marketing tools and digital channels in no time.

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Cloud technology

Formally’s digital cloud service allows any organization to instantly connect to a document submission platform for filling and signing, while fully managing all filling and signing stages and recipients. Using via email, SMS, Whats App and LetSee with any device, you’ll check the signature status of each document and recipient.

Mobile forms

Collect forms data anywhere, on any device and get signatures in minutes. With Formally you can prepare and send documents to be fill and signed in a few quick clicks and track document status from anywhere – know instantly when they’re opened, signed and returned.

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Custom projects

We recognize the great importance of adapting Formally’s software to each organization according to its dedicated needs. So we allow changes in the ways that you operate our system to allow maximum convenience and efficiency for your organization’s employees.